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Youth Advocate Delivering Results for Children!

Hi! My name is Valerie Crawford and this is my family! 


That's me and my two brothers in the middle, surrounded by all of our wonderful children. We took this photo in honor of our mother 'Cookie' Oria B. Doss, who was murdered when I was just 12yrs old. Before you begin to feel too sad for us, know that before she was taken away from us, she gave us the Greatest Love of All... the love of knowing the Lord and finding our strength WITHIN HIM, which is how we made it thru so much without her. And that's what this foundation is all about....


*** Helping Other Children To Believe In Themselves ***

Jon Jorgenson tells stories. Stories about art. Stories about leadership. Stories about people. Stories about hope. Stories about sports. Stories about LEGOs, snowflakes, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Jon tells stories online, on stage, in writing, and in rhyme. Jon tells stories about everything in the hopes of pointing us towards the one thing that really matters. (

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