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 A.D.A.C.C. Antonio. D'Angelo. Angel-Lia. Chakia. Christina. CRAWFORD

Peace, Patience, Positivity & Purpose
Big Girl Nation
(spirit and service dinners)

The Big Girl Nation program is our Graduate program which helps our young adult girls discover who they are and then helps them to build a healthy relationship with themselves. 

The BGN Program teaches girls to have BIG GIRL attitudes about who they are, what they want, where they are headed, and why it is so important for them to love themselves before they try to love anyone else.


(ethics and morals)

High School Students attend weekend retreats, both in and out of state.

During the weekend retreats, the youth partake in..... 

Fitness-Fridays: where they learn positive ways to relieve their everyday stresses; 

Self-Saturdays: where they are taught how to pamper themselves and treat themselves, while increasing their personal knowledge about themselves; and

Soul-Food-Sundays: where they exercise self-control and self-worth, while doing community services and gaining cultural awareness.

(choices and consequences)

This program is designed to teach Middle School Students how to co-exist in Peace, Patience, Positivity and with a Purpose. We help to rebuild their self-esteem, show them their self-worth, and encourage self-awareness.

(Recognizing Our Youth)

Our RED CARPET GALA is our yearly version of the Academy Awards, or the Oscars, except we give awards to our children for exhibiting physical, mental, emotional and behavioral merit in their homes, in their schools and in their communities. Recognition by the A.D.A.C.C. CRAWFORD FOUNDATION is regarded by many as the most inspiring and encouraging awards in their children's lives.

Our financial goal is to raise $5,000 and give scholarships to children who have lost a parent to a violent crime.

Come and join us for food, fun, and fundraising!

(Community Events)

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